Lake Granbury

Lake Granbury is one of the best things about living in Granbury! 

The lake provides an endless source of things to do, and is fun year-round.

In the summer, Granbury residents enjoy using the lake to cool down and for watersports, especially wakeboarding, jet skiing, tubing, skiing and more. 

Some people actually live in waterfront houses on Lake Granbury, and may take their boat across the lake to eat at one of the many waterfront restaurants with a dock. Stumpy’s and the Mesquite Pit are two popular choices.

Lake Information

Lake Granbury is a large reservoir, and covers approximately 8,700 acres. It was formed by the damming of the Brazos River. 

The water depth remains relatively constant, except during times of extreme drought. The water level is maintained by a spillway dam.

Stable water levels are important because Lake Granbury provides water for many surrounding communities, and cooling for the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant.

The maximum depth of Lake Granbury varies with local rainfall conditions, but is usually about 75 feet deep.


There is excellent fishing in Lake Granbury. 

Bass, especially Striped bass, White bass and Largemouth bass, are some of  the most popular species to catch. Crappie and catfish are also popular catches. 

Catfish are especially abundant in Lake Granbury because of the many sunken logs and submerged trees, which provide good cover and habitats for them.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) offers a fishing report for Lake Granbury.


Boating is a popular pastime on Lake Granbury. Many different types of boats and watercraft use the lake, ranging from small sailboats up to large cruisers. 

Boaters should be careful of possible shallow water in Lake Granbury and debris, especially partially submerged logs, which are commonly found in the lake.

Boat Ramps

The highway 377 boat ramp in Granbury Texas

There are many boat ramps for launching watercraft into Lake Granbury. 

The City of Granbury maintains a public boat ramp just north of the Highway 377 bridge. 

This ramp is open all year-round and is free to use, without any launch fees. There are three lanes for simultaneous launching. The highway 377 boat ramp is also convenient to restaurants in the square. 

There are other launches spread around the lake. Some are private launches and some are operated by the Brazos River Authority, which regulates the lake as a reservoir. 

The Brazos River Authority (BRA) ramps can be found near DeCordova Bend Park, Hunter Park, Rough Creek Park, and near Thorp Spring. There is also a small boat ramp near the convention center and the Granbury City Beach.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) website offers a map of boat ramps on Lake Granbury.

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