Living in Granbury: What’s it really like?

Granbury, Texas is an oasis. People love it because it combines the best aspects of many ways of life:

  • Small-town Texas life
  • Access to one of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S.
  • Affordable waterfront living on a beautiful lake
  • A tight-knit community

Granbury to Dallas/Fort Worth

Granbury is located just 38 miles west of Fort Worth. It’s within “commuting range” of the the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Many residents make the drive back and forth daily.

Not everybody loves the drive back and forth. But, most people who do it agree that the benefits outweight the downsides. Most folks we’ve asked like to listen to podcasts, or audiobooks while they make the drive. They say they appreciate the chance to improve their skillset and knowledge base while they focus on the road.

One great aspect of Granbury traffic– especially the commute to Dallas/Fort Worth –is that the driving is mostly done at fast highway speeds. I think most people would agree, it’s more satisfying to drive steadily along the highway at 65 mph, than to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Granbury to DFW Airport: 60 Miles
Granbury to Fort Worth: 38 Miles
Granbury to Dallas: 69 Miles

Why do people love living in Granbury?

Granbury has a great qualify of life, and it’s getting better all the time.

Because Granbury is a reasonably large town, there are enough people, and enough interests, that you can find like-minded folks. There are activities for everything, ranging from clog-dancing, theatre, shopping, watersports, and more.

Granbury is a magnet for people who love Lake Granbury, watersports, golf, and the slower-pace of life. Lots of people say it reminds them of smaller communities in the DFW metroplex, before it became so busy.

Granbury is especially popular with retired folks. But, the city population seems to be trending toward younger families, too.

Technology Makes Life Better

New tools like e-commerce, remote work and fuel-efficient cars have made Granbury accessible to a whole new demographic. As technology advances, new tools will make Granbury an even more accessible place to live.

Can you imagine a self-driving car taking you to work, while you start your day by catching up on emails in the back seat? Or, riding your bicycle to catcha flight from your neighborhood drone helipad? You could 100 miles to Dallas in just a few minutes, while you work, take a call, or gaze out the window?

Those scenarios might sounds like science-fiction, but those technologies already exist. It’s only a matter of time until they become widespread, and available to the general public. In fact, Fort Worth, Texas is a hub for the aerospace industry, and it very well may be an early testing ground for many of these technologies.

People can live in Granbury for the peace and quiet of country life, and still have full access to high-wages and attractions of Fort Worth. I’ve even known of people who commute to Dallas mutliple times a week.

Life in Granbury isn’t for everybody. But, the city has so much to offer. Many people who have the move say they can’t imagine “going back” to live in Dallas/Fort Worth. Their reasons are broad, but one thing is consisent– people love living in Granbury. Generally, once they get here, they “stay put”, and bring their friends!