Pecan Plantation

Pecan Plantation is one of the best places to live in Granbury.

The community sits on a beautiful peninsula, surrounded by the Brazos River. The community grounds are beautiful, and cover approximately 4,200 acres. 

Streets are lined with well-manicured trees, and gently wind through pecan orchards. 

It’s hard to describe how peaceful it is inside Pecan Plantation, but it’s a beautiful place. 

There’s a criss-crossing network of walking trails and golf cart paths. Deer and other native wildlife roam freely.

The whole place just feels nice.

History of Pecan Plantation

Before becoming settled by pioneers in the 18th and 19th centuries, this land had long been inhabited by Native Americans, especially the Comanche tribe.

Development of Pecan Plantation began in the early 1970s, several years after the construction of Lake Granbury and the development of DeCordova Bend, a neighboring community which shares some characteristics with Pecan Plantation.

The Pecan Plantation golf course, country club and other facilities were completed in 1971, followed by further real estate development.

Past and Future Development

Today there are approximately 3,200 homesites and lots in Pecan Plantation. Of those, approximately 2,500 have been developed. 

There are agreements in place to limit the maximum number of developed homesites to 4,500. So, there is room for further community growth, but with a cap to prevent overbuilding.

Homes in Pecan Plantation

Pecan Plantation has undergone continuous housing development since it was first created in the 1970s. 

Over the years new houses have been built and new amenities have been introduced. 

Because of the continuous development, there’s an eclectic blend of home styles throughout the community.

Some of the earliest houses date to the 1970s, while other homes are brand new construction. Decades of various housing styles, fads and trends are on display.

Pecan Plantation is filled with a wide variety of home types all across the housing spectrum.

There are townhomes, condominiums, zero-lot-line properties, and even some large country estates. 

Pecan Plantation can offer many speciality home types: 

  • Waterfront homes on the Brazos River
  • Golf Course homes
  • Aviation homes with hangars

Because there is such a wide range of home ages and other considerations, it’s important that buyers ask the right questions and know what to watch for. There are some quirks and idiosyncrasies to know about.

Important Things to Know

There are some unique aspects of life in Pecan Plantation.

If you’re thinking about buying a Pecan Plantation home, it’s a good idea to work with a real estate agent who has good local knowledge and experience in this community.

For example, some older houses rely on private septic systems for waste disposal, while others are served by sewer systems operated by the Acton Municipal Utility District. More information like this can be found on the Pecan Plantation community website.

Some homes may be located in flood zones, so specialized knowledge of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) may be useful.

Pecan Plantation is governed by its HOA, and the community is regulated through various rules, deed restrictions, covenants and restrictions.

There is an architectural control committee (ACC) that administers rules, covenants and restrictions

Some rules may prohibit activities and behaviors that residents may want to engage in, so it is important to know what to expect before entering into the purchase process.

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Who Lives in Pecan Plantation?

Pecan Plantation residents are attracted to the community’s excellent quality of life, especially the mix of luxury amenities and relatively low-cost-of-living. 

Many residents came to escape the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, often in search of a quieter, more peaceful pace of life during retirement.

The 2020 census counted 6,236 people in Pecan Plantation. The number of residents increased from the previous census total of 5,294, which is an increase of approximately 18%.

Approximately 45% of residents in Pecan Plantation were aged 65 or above, and 56.3% of residents were female.

Retirement Living

Granbury is often ranked as one of the best places to retire in Texas. 

As of the 2020 census, almost half of those living in Pecan Plantation were aged 65 or older. As the “Baby boomer” generation ages, this percentage is expected to increase. 

Many factors make Pecan Plantation a nice place to live during retirement, including the ability to drive golf cars throughout the community.

Amenities in Pecan Plantation

One of the best parts of living in Pecan Plantation is its access to a wide variety of luxury amenities. Residents generally find these to be very convenient and well maintained.

The Pecan Plantation clubhouse has a swimming pool, tennis courts, a golf course, a dining room and an 18-room hotel for residents’ guests. There is also a short-term RV park with hookups, to serve guests who come with their own RV.

There are two pools in Pecan Plantation, including one play pool with diving boards, and a dedicated lap-swimming pool.

There are also two golf courses, including the private Nutcracker golf club.

  • 2.5 acre dog park
  • Various clubs, classes and activities
  • Indoor gymnasium
  • Children’s playground
  • 6 lighted tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Soccer and baseball fields
  • Archery facilities
  • Horse stables and equestrian facilities
  • Dedicated lap swimming pool
  • Play pool with diving boards
  • Nature trails
  • Airpark and aviation homes with hangars

Residents also love the affordable waterfront living on Lake Granbury. Fishing, boating and other watersports are year-round favorites.

The community has 17 miles of shoreline on the Brazos River, including three community river parks for waterfront access to the Brazos.

There is a community boat ramp and a marina. The marina includes a limited number of boat slip facilities. The boat slips are reportedly in high demand and there may be a wait list.

For more information on the amenities, check the Pecan Plantation website.

Convenient Country Life

One of the best parts about living in Pecan Plantation is small-town living, but without the hassle that often comes with rural living.

There are many conveniences built directly in Pecan Plantation, so residents don’t need to drive far for basic errands.

Some residents say that they can go for long stretches of time without even having to leave Pecan Plantation, unless they want to visit downtown Granbury, or just want something fun to do.

Pecan Village

There is a small business section of Pecan Plantation, known as Pecan Village.

Pecan Village has quite a few essentials that make life easier.

There’s  a medium-sized grocery store called Pecan Foods. It’s part of the Brookshire’s grocery store family. Pecan Foods isn’t a full-sized grocery store, but it’s pretty well-stocked.

Many residents say they don’t do the bulk of their shopping there, but they use it for last-minute items.

It’s nice to avoid driving 10 miles to the next closest grocery stores in Granbury or Glen Rose.

There are other essential services, too, including a bank, pharmacy, gas station, veterinarian, hair salon and barber, liquor store, and pizza joint and coffee shop.

There are also medical services inside Pecan Plantation, provided in the Pecan Medical Center. 

In case of catastrophic medical emergencies Pecan Plantation has a volunteer fire department and EMS service. The response-time is said to be very fast, and helicopter evacuation is available if emergency hospital access is needed.


In general, Pecan Plantation is a very safe place to live. 

There is very little crime, and neighbors tend to look out for each other.

There are community systems in place to help ensure safety.

To help deter theft and other crime, Pecan Plantation is a closed, gated community. There are two entrances; both are staffed 24/7 by security guards who enforce admission rules and record visitor IDs.

Downsides of Living in Pecan Plantation

No place is perfect, and every community has downsides. 

Some Pecan Plantation residents don’t like the restrictive covenants and community rules. 

Although the rules are meant to protect everyone’s property values and quality of life, it is never fun to be told what to do, or what not to do.

Depending on individual preferences, some people may not like the culture or political leaning of Pecan Plantation. 

Pecan Plantation residents tend to skew heavily towards the conservative side. Some residents are vocal about their political ideas, which may rub some people the wrong way.

The community in Pecan Plantation also tends to lack cultural diversity which could be a downside for some people’s preferences.

Note: these considerations generally apply to much of the “Westoplex”, or the region west of Fort Worth.

Community Assessments and Fees

Home owners in Pecan Plantation are required to pay several fees. These help fund the community amenities and shared facilities, among other things. 

Some fees are negotiable during the sales or purchase process.

According to the Pecan Plantation website, here are some of the fees associated with purchasing and living in a home in Pecan Plantation. 

  • Initiation and Transfer Fee: $4,645, payable as a one-time fee at closing. 
  • Ongoing monthly association fees are $155
  • Other fees apply for additional services, i.e. the Nutcracker Golf Club, etc.

These fees are according to the Pecan Plantation website as of the time of this article’s publication date, and may be subject to change. 

Of course, prospective home buyers should always do their own due diligence to ensure accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Pecan Plantation is a lovely community, and a very nice place to live. It is not perfect, but it strikes a very nice balance and offers a very nice quality of life for its residents.

We hope this information was helpful, please let us know if we left anything out, or need to make any changes.

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